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Domes of Eternity

Residences in Posidonos 3 & Nafsikas 6, Voula, Greece

H15_ Cuevas de la eternidad (Domes of Eternity) is a residential project situated in the South suburbs of Ath-ens, Greece. The plot, which has a total area of 3150,84 sm, is located in Posidonos 3 & Nafsikas 6 street, in the developing district of Voula, only 160m away from the sea shore.

Three cores rise up to 18m to accommodate 20 residencies in total and three autonomous stairways. These three volumes are visually connected with thin monolithic slabs, to create a more unified synthesis, while they are separated by big atriums. Under the slabs, we create arches and domes as an attempt to reduce the big volume of the whole complex and elaborate it with the detail of a sculptural work. The mezzanines are surrounded by big sculptural perforated pergolas, of which the structural elements are covered by domes.

The exterior walls and the structural elements are mirror glazed, so that they ‘disappear ’ and multiply the sculptural qualities of the white satin slabs, looking as if they are floating in the air. The white satin surfaces create playful light reflections and grounds the plethoric curves of the synthesis.

Three entrances lead to three different cores, through paths walking over a large water pot. Furthermore, the ground floor flats have private pools on the back side of the plot. The presence of water and of the vast greenery and plants create a natural fence to the sounds of the neighborhood improving the environment of the residencies.


Project Details


Pavlos Chantziangelides


Εleftheria Fatsea


Foteini Karagianni


Stefanos Karagiannis


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Domes Of Eternity

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