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Athens Triton

Odos Ellinikou|odos H|odos 3η, Elliniko, Athens, Attica

Luxury urban living by the Athenian shoreside, 38 sea view apartments from 120 up to 640 sqm. Private amenities only for the customers.

Our project is inspired by Triton the god of the seas and his legends.

Son of the ancient Greek god of the sea Poseidon and Nereid Amphitrite and progenitor of the Tritons. Half man and half fish, Triton lived together with Poseidon and Amphitrite in a golden palace at the bottom of the sea. Triton was able to blow a conch shell, the sound of which was so powerful that it could be heard across the seas. The powerful sound could still or stir up the waves of the sea while with a harder blow he succeeded to drive away the Giants, who supposed it was the roar of a mighty beast.

By reinventing Triton’s legends in a contemporary way, a new legend has it that Triton, escaping from the wrath of his father Poseidon, with a last breath strong and vigorous he managed to bring out the luxurious palace from the sea. The sinuous waves remained trapped in the sides of the building, white from the foam, in continuous search to be reunited with the sea but forever imprisoned together with the son of the god in the building.

This this is how and why in the heart of the Athenian Riviera, looking the sea close to Poseidonos street emerges the new residential project of QG Investments “Athens Triton”

Project Details


314 Architecture Studio – Pavlos Chatziangelidis


Liontos & Associates






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